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I’ve had the pleasure to compose music for the spectacle “Treasure museum” – a premiere performance prepared in the form of a film and presented first in episodes and finally as a full premiere.

The starting point for the plot of the performance was the fantastic and exceptionally rich, over 90-year-old set design collection of the Baj Theater - real treasures - monuments from the perspective of theater studies, designed by outstanding stage designers.

The main character of the show is Andrzejek, a theatrical doll that was just born in the Puppet Studio. And as it happens with such newly-born dolls, she has to find herself in an unknown, magical, and often amazing fairy-tale world. However, quite unexpectedly, Andrzejek turns out to be a boy who, according to a prophecy, can save theatrical dolls and fairy tales from oblivion by helping to create a Treasure Museum. However, to do so, he must find the Heart of the Museum. And here it all starts ...

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Directed by

Aneta Wróbel


Wojciech Suleżycki


Łukasz Kuczyński


Marcin Albert Steczkowski


Jakub Motylewski PSM


Elżbieta Bielińska, Andrzej Bocian, Malwina Czekaj, Hanna Kinder-Kis, Aneta Płuszka, Robert Płuszka, Małgorzata Suzuki

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