Anna Maria Huszcza, Marcin Albert Steczkowski  |  ŁOJ!

Electro - acoustic miniatures and improvisations based on folk themes from the Kielce region.

Anna Maria Huszcza and Albert Steczkowski propose an unusual sound mix with a strict structure combined with recordings of free improvisations.

The whole is a multi-dimensional dialogue of the new with forgotten, planning and spontaneity, and finally women's and men's sensitivity.



Singers Crew Echo Łysicy

Anna Chruściel – voice

Anna Mikulska – voice

Konrad Zawadzki – voice

Piotr Cebula – violin

Michał Zaborski – viola

Marcin Jadach – double bass, chaplet

Improvisers band:

Katarzyna Bienias – voice

Anna Maria Huszcza – composer, voice,  piano

Krzysztof Knittel – live electronics

Albert Steczkowski – composer, organizer of sounds, cornet, piano

Piotr Mełech – clarinet

Michał Zaborski – viola

Marcin Jadach – double bass

Michał Bryndal – drums

released October 1, 2017 Requiem Records